Business Administration and Master of Business Administration

Master of Management and Business Administration in the Faculty of Business, EUDE is the main task of managers to prepare you for vacancies to increase your responsibilities and knowledge in every aspect of the vision. Your current global business. «You can also get all the knowledge you need to get started and start your own business and skills.

With the European MBA, you can define corporate governance and all knowledge based on global corporate governance principles. Designed to provide you with the best domestic and international training and management companies specifically designed to allow you to work full-time or part-time or your management or MLS department .

Master of Business Administration

EEA Business MBA is a general salary education program that gives participants access to official positions in the company by acquiring basic management skills to manage and manage business logic. Educational facilities The goal of participants is to expand knowledge and expand business management and management by working with the most important management tools and improving their management skills.

The Master of Business Administration focuses on understanding MS AEE in all aspects related to organization management and facilitating dialogue with experts, teachers and other experts invited to attend the meetings. meetings, conferences and events. Saturated fatty acids help increase the professional position.

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